Photo Shoot: Prince Steven

Prince Steven loves dressing up in bright colors to proudly represent Sierra Bridal & Ballons' program called "Together Joyful.". In this program, we partner with people of all ages, sizes and abilities to celebrate the beauty in all of us. We had fun around The Junction Shopping Center exploring stores on our photoshoot. We visited McCloud's Pet Shop, Trendz Boutique, and Hibernation Hearth & Home.

Steven is a fun-loving 19-year-old boy who has Down Syndrome and a rare brain disease called Moyamoya Disease. Due to silent aspirations, he is g-tube fed and gets nothing by mouth. He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. He is also a thrill seeker. With the doctor's only giving him a couple of years, we decided to make a summer he would remember. We did the Boardwalk and Six Flags. Steven loves to watch Nick Jr shows and currently is really into Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins. He is a huge Star Wars fan. Steven lights up people's hearts everywhere he goes. He currently resides at home with his mom, stepdad and stepbrother. He travels to Lucille Packard Children's hospital a couple of times a month for his medical needs and has an amazing team there. He has a teacher that comes into the home to work with him as his immune system can not handle getting sick. Steven's biggest struggles are his health and his communication at times. With Moyamoya Disease, he has had to learn to adapt and adjust. Things that used to be easy for him are now very difficult, but he still does things with a smile.


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