Protect Yourself During Wedding Planning and Marriage

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Protect Yourself During Wedding Planning and Marriage

While planning your wedding, you make a lot of decisions and sign a lot of legal documents that have huge impacts on your life. Every vendor you work with will require a contract and you have the right to review those contracts with a legal professional to make sure your interests are protected. If those vendors cancel or don’t provide what was promised, are you protected?

With Legal Shield, you can have a top rated attorney personally review your contracts and advise you of any red flags or risks you might be taking. I have personally helped more than a dozen couples over the past few years get full refunds for services that were not as promised. Unfortunately, these couples had situations arise where the DJ didn’t have a generator as promised for an outdoor wedding, the photographer cancelled the day before and tried to keep the fees, etc. Had those couples gotten Legal Shield during the wedding planning process, they would have been advised of those red flags in the contracts and wouldn’t have had to suffer the losses that they did.

Additionally, Legal Shield attorneys can review real estate contracts, lease agreements and other documents you might be signing as you begin your new life together. You also get your will written included in your membership which is important for newly-weds. Without a will your spouse’s assets would go to the state and not to you should anything happen.

I can help you choose the membership that is best for you as you get closer to your big day. If you are interested in earning extra money to pay for your wedding, you can become a Legal Shield representative. It is easy to talk to friends and family about the benefits you are receiving and you then are paid residuals on every membership you sell for the life of the membership. If you have any questions, please come to Sierra Bridal and Balloons and let’s talk.

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